We’ve worked with clients across industries and executed successful projects around the globe and in nearly every situation. In short, we’ve done it all. Our clients know us for our professionalism, flexibility and for work that’s always done right. It’s about trust, and knowing that we’re completely focused on what’s important to you. 


Satellite press conference announcing the launch of a new TV network, a movie premiere press event atop a docked aircraft carrier, a satellite media tour on a moving cruise ship, a videoconference town hall to thousands of studio employees at multiple locations around the country, video highlight reel from a music festival, digital press kits and red carpet interview b-roll packages.

Tourism & Hospitality

Satellite and radio media tours for new Vegas performer residency announcements; multimedia news releases for convention and visitors bureaus; hotel, resort and theme park attraction grand openings; celebrity chef restaurant launches; airline announcements; parade float satellite media tours and video news releases; and opening night of new Vegas acrobatic and magic shows.


New product launches; education initiatives; co-op satellite media tours; trade show announcements from CES and E3; and video game launch production, multimedia news releases and satellite media tours.


Consumer Electronics

Product launch video production, satellite media tours and multimedia news releases for new Ultra HD displays, educational products, smartphones and action cameras; shareholder and wireless case study multimedia news releases for a global semiconductor/telecommunications equipment maker.


Video news releases, satellite media tours and multimedia news releases on flu shot awareness, exercise recommendations, neuromuscular dentistry, headache awareness, fitness tips and the announcement of a new groundbreaking medical device.


Webcasts, audio news releases, video production and multimedia news releases on financial research and education, financial planning, graduate medical education, text education, and back-to-school/back-to-college tips. 


Public service announcements, video production, multimedia news releases and radio media tours for a food bank nutrition initiative, acrobatic live show charity event, FEMA disasters, spondylitis awareness and the dedication of a new foundation-sponsored youth education facility in Southern California.

We also have experience in:

  • Automotive

  • Retail

  • Packaged Goods

  • Toys

  • Financial Services

  • Aerospace